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European Deer Mount Project
by Curtis Waguespack

I recently devised a simple and inexpensive European style mounting board for a couple of bucks I harvested this year. I’m quite pleased with the finished product and thought it’d make a great after season “garage” project that could be shared with a youngster. I’ve included a step-by-step guide below, as well as, a printable version here. (MS WORD file)   


  • bleaching kit, available at sporting goods stores for about $20, the kit does 3 skulls
  • 1x6x15 standard board
  • 1x2x2 standard board/ block
  • 4x6 picture frame, available at any discount or hobby shop
  • 3” and 11/2” wood or drywall screws
  • sturdy picture hanger or wire
  • bottle of wood glue
  • small can of dark wood stain or paint
  • enthusiastic child to assist

Step 1
Cut the skull to be flush with the board. Do this before boiling, as it makes cleaning out the brain case much easier.

Step 2
Paint or stain the board, block, and frame. Allow to dry.

Step 3
Boil and bleach the skull according to the bleaching kit directions. Do this outside, as the smell is pretty bad.

Step 4
Insert your photo and attach the 4x6 picture frame using wood glue or screws. Make sure it is flush with the base of the mounting board.

Step 5
Attach the skull to the 15” board using 3” wood or drywall screws. Don't forget to drill pilot holes.

Step 6
Use 11/2” wood or drywall screws to attach the 1x2x2 block under the teeth to support the angled skull. Note that using the dark color makes it nearly invisible.

Step 7
Finish by attaching a sturdy picture hanger or wire to the back. Pick a place on the wall, hang it, and admire.

See Curtis' deer hunt photos here.

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