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Donate Deer Hunting Book to School or Library

There’s a lot of discussion these days about the dwindling number of hunters, especially in regard to the fact that fewer youngsters are being introduced to the outdoors. Country Kid Publishing LLC, publisher of the My First Deer Hunt children’s book, just launched their Buy 1, Ship 2! offer in hopes of reaching more kids. Essentially, the offer allows folks to add the shipping costs for a second book to their regular order. The second book will then be donated to a school or library of the customer’s choosing. The company believes this will provide a positive representation of hunting to a public that is all too often negative about hunters and hunting.

Michael Waguespack, one of the co-authors, got the idea for the book while teaching at an elementary school. He said, “I was flipping through some books in the classroom library when it suddenly dawned on me that I’d never seen a kid’s book about hunting. Hunting was a major part of my childhood and I know it still is for a lot of kids out there.” He talked with his older brother, Curtis, and they decided to collaborate on the project. Michael commented, “We didn’t want to do a how-to instructional book. We wanted to create a real children’s book that captured the imagination.”

My First Deer Hunt has gotten a lot of praise from the hunting community. Its use of vivid color photography in the illustrations provides a unique peek inside the world of deer hunting. By blending fact and fiction, the story goes beyond introducing basic hunting skills and delivers a charming tale about a father and son searching for a big buck. And even though the duo is not successful in getting a deer, the fun, warmth, and humor of their adventure make the book and hunt a true success. The authors chose to leave out weapons to keep the story appropriate for all school environments.

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My First Deer Hunt by Curtis and Michael Waguespack. First edition. Paperback 11 x 8 ½, 28 pages, fully illustrated with color photography. ISBN 0-9754624-0-7. $7.95. Publication: Fall 2006.   

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