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“I think your book is very well done with excellent photography
and a wonderful story for youngsters.”
Dennis Gissell, Texas Parks & Wildlife

A great gift for your lil' hunter.

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COVER: My First Deer Hunt- children's book about deer hunting

My First Deer Hunt was photographed in Missouri in three separate locations; near the towns of Lebanon, Springfield, and St.James. The beautiful buck appears courtesy of Steven K. Hubbell’s Northwood Whitetails. Special thanks to him for allowing the Waguespack brothers to hang out with his amazing animals for an afternoon. It was definitely one of the great highlights of the project.
(contact: khubbell [at] llion [dot] org 417-532-6994)

Design consultation was provided by Big City Creative, Inc. This project would have never gotten off the ground without their expertise. Incredible work guys!   

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Country Kid Publishing was created specifically to get My First Deer Hunt into the hands of lil' hunters.

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Curtis Waguespack, the older of the brothers, grew up near St.James, Missouri. He was an independent youngster who could often be found fishing or hunting solo. One of his favorite activities was wading down Benton Creek to the Meramec River, where he caught enormous smallmouth bass. He currently lives near Kansas City, works as an Applications Engineer, and enjoys experimenting with his scouting camera.

contact: curtis [at] myfirstdeerhunt [dot] com


Michael Waguespack was a born explorer who enjoyed getting lost in the woods any chance he could get. One of his favorite activities was rabbit hunting with his dog, Scrappy, in Mr. Well’s apple orchard. He currently lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has a Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing program, and enjoys getting out in the woods any chance he can get.

contact: michael [at] myfirstdeerhunt [dot] com


Congratulations to Curtis on his success.
He took these nice bucks in northern Missouri.

curtis' deer 11-4-07

Archery season, November 4th, 2007.       |            Rifle season, November 10th, 2007

Congrats to Curtis!

The two 8 pointers on the right and left were taken in archery season.
He took the middle 13 pointer during rifle season.
See the mounts here.

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Jason and Dawson (My First Deer Hunt's hunters)Father and son, Jason and Dawson Lynch, live near St.James, Missouri. They are the brother-in-law and nephew of the authors.

Jason is an avid hunter. He looks forward to teaching his children about deer hunting and the great outdoors.

Dawson was five years old at the time the book was photographed. He had a ton of fun during the photo shoots, but wishes his uncles would have let him chase the deer.


EMAIL: econtact [at] myfirstdeerhunt [dot] com

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